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Thursday, January 10th 2013

2:54 PM

What Exercises Should I Do For Pain In The Lower Back

What Exercises Should I Do For Pain In The Lower Back

If you are asking a question such as the one above, two things are obvious.

- You have repeated and unfortunate episodes of back pain, particularly lower back ache.
- You are looking to get a more permanent solution.

For one thing, we are glad that you have decided go the exercise mode of solving this niggling little problem that has affected man, since the beginning of civilization. We aren’t kidding about lower back pain causing issues even to our most ancient ancestors. Lower back pain has been holding back and reducing productivity all over the world, all through time. By deciding to exercise, you are about to join a legion of people who are leading an almost lower back pain free life.

When it comes to exercises, including but not limited to lower back exercises, there are two types of exercises.

- Outdoors exercises.
- Indoor exercises.

While exercising is in itself needs a lot of hard work, there are some areas of exercising where you could go easy on yourself. You would obviously know what kind of a person you are, outdoor loving or a fan of the indoors.

Outdoor Exercise Options

For those who prefer outdoors as the ideal place for working out, than you can consider indulging in running. Running is perhaps the most important exercise you can take part in, simply because this is one exercise which you can practice or ‘do’ irrespective of where you live or what kind of work schedule you have.

Perhaps you work at nights. May be your job keeps you busy for twelve hours a day. Or, you only get to relax once a week. Whatever may be the situation, running as an exercise has always got your covered. As an exercise, running could be as leisurely and as hardcore as you want. If you do not want to strain yourself, go ahead and enjoy a nice run thinking about all the nice things which happened the week before. If you want a fast and free running experience, latch on a pair of headphones, pump up the music and just run. Either way, running is the ultimate choice you should go with to take care of your back pain problems.

Indoor Exercise Options

When it comes to indoor routines to handle lower back ache, we are looking at using some sort of equipment which will help you do your exercises. The easiest would be to join the local fitness center. 

If you are not positively inclined about going to a fitness junction, another option you have is to stretch your back muscles using an inversion table. Inversion tables are as old as the problem of back pain itself, and when used properly, work wonders to the table’s user.

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